Mumbai 2.0 status update

Thanks a lot to everyone who donated for Mumbai version 2.0 until now! The total is at around 110 130 140 US$ right now, but of course you can still change this. :-)

I’ve started adding features and I’m making good progress. Here’s a sneak preview of what already is implemented for version 2.0:

  • You can now create your own charts from any table data (right click on a table and select “General function>New custom chart…”): custom_chart_setup


  • You can now test the functionality of database links from the context menu of the database links view
  • There is now a context sensitive help (F1) on V$*, DBA_* views and database parameters that links into the Oracle Reference Manual. The necessary files for Oracle 10 to 12 will be downloaded the first time you access the help feature: integrated help
  • Added a lot of new views (memory, storage, metrics, autotasks, ASM, system statistics…)
  • Added ASM views including a tree-like file explorer: asm_file_exporer
  • Mumbai can now connect to ASM instances and you can connect with the SYSASM privilege: sysasm_login
  • Generated user DDL now includes roles, grants, quota and profile information
  • Reorganized the button and ribbon layout
  • Changed the SQL statement for the “Missing bind variables” view. It now finds similar SQL based on FORCE_MATCHING SIGNATURE and PLAN_HASH_VALUE and aggregates the result set for easier analysis
  • If you use a master password to encrypt connection passwords, you will loose all your stored passwords with this release.
  • Fixed flickering cursor when executing queries in the console window
  • Fixed refresh of AWR and SP data
  • RAC compatibility fixes for ASH viewer
  • The ASH viewer now correctly shows and updates data for the current minute
  • Added “Select/Deselect all visible” in the multiple connections selection dialog
  • Added “SP and AWR Physical Disk I/O” report
  • Added “Test connection” and “Test all connections” to connection dialog
  • When refreshing a view, you now longer use your applied filters and sort order
  • Bug fixes: All connections now automatically get a name if no name is explicitly given (stopped ASH viewer from working)
  • Fixed an error when closing connections in console window and “Fetch DBMS_OUTPUT” was still active
  • Fixed: When executing a query on multiple connection and a query failed with ORA-… no connection back to the initially connected database happened
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Fund raising for Mumbai 2.0

Mumbai has always been free-to-use and I don’t want to change this ever. However, I’ve spent considerable amounts for development tools over the last years. To be able to implement some new features, I will need to invest a bit again, so I am asking now for donations to support the further development of Mumbai.

Number one on my shopping list is a source code version of the Direct Oracle Access components. They were kind enough to offer me a 25% discount, so I need around 240 Euros (around 280 USD) for this one! :-) Besides other things, this will let me add support for connecting to ASM instances with Mumbai.

If more money comes in, I will spent it for a Developer Express VCL subscription which is around US$600 (510 Euros) US$540 (460 Euros) (Update 2015-01-14: The cool guys from DevExpress offered a 10% discount. Thanks!).
This component suite is the basis for lots of GUI elements in Mumbai, including data grids and most of the diagrams and an update to their current version will benefit Mumbai in the long term.

With both libraries available in their current version, I also hope to implement “server mode“, which would make working with large query result sets (think V$SQL, etc.) much slicker.

If you would like to donate something for the further development of Mumbai, please use the PayPal links below. I would greatly appreciate your support! Thank you! :-)

Donate in Euros Donate in USD
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New version of Mumbai in the works

This is just a quick note that, after almost two years, I am again working on Mumbai and there should be a new version out within the next one or two months.

While Mumbai served me well on a daily basis over the last months and year at my job, my job has and will change a bit, so I am back at it. You can expect support for ASM, RAC and Linux and since I am tackling the “Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert” certification, there will be quite a few performance related updates and additions. A 64-bit build will also be included.

If you have any pressing issues or feature requests for the upcoming version, please leave a comment (no promises…).

Update 2015/01/09: Passed. :-)


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Bug fixes for BASH (ASH for the rest of us) in version 8

Version 8 of BASH is available and fixes some bugs resulting in no data being flushed to BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY. Again, thanks to Robert Ortel for reporting and tracking down the cause.

If you already have BASH installed, you can use the SQL*Plus update script update_v7tov8.sql.


  • Fixed another UTC-conversion resulting in no entries in BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY
  • Added missing trigger on BASH.BASH$SETTINGS
  • Renamed INST_ID to INSTANCE_NUMBER in views accessed through public synonyms
  • Fixed a bug causing no data flushed to BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY
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BASH version 7 fixes two bugs

Version 7 of BASH is available and fixes two bugs leading to inconsistent rows in BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY. Thanks to Robert Ortel for reporting and tracking down the cause.

If you already have BASH installed, you can use the SQL*Plus update script update_v6tov7.sql.


  • Fixed a UTC-conversion bug around midnight, resulting in too many entries in BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY
  • Fixed a bug leading to duplicate rows in BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY after 10 seconds with no active sessions sampled
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BASH (ASH without Diagnostic Pack) now works on RAC

Version 6 of BASH is available. If you already have it installed, you can use the SQL*Plus update script update_v5tov6.sql.


  • Made sure BASH works on Oracle 12c
  • BASH is now compatible with RAC on Oracle 11.1 and higher. Each instance runs its own collector through a separate scheduler job.

    Scheduler jobs are created and deleted when starting and stopping the collector through EXEC BASH.BASH.RUN;. The collector detects new instances when running and creates collector jobs for them.

    The following public synonyms to select the collected data now exist:

    BASH$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY: ASH data from the current instance
    BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY: Historic ASH data from the current instance
    BASHG$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY: ASH data from all instances
    BASHG$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY: Historic ASH data from all instancess

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Update for BASH (ASH for the rest of us)

Version 5 of BASH is available. If you already have it installed, you can use the SQL*Plus update script update_v4tov5.sql.


  • Added a nightly purge job for historic data (defaults to 93 “days to keep”) (if you already created one yourself and use the update_v4tov5.sql update script you’ll end up with two)
  • Changed the TERMINAL column from VARCHAR2(16) to VARCHAR2(32)
  • Added an SQL*Plus uninstall script
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