Update for BASH (ASH for the rest of us)

Version 5 of BASH is available. If you already have it installed, you can use the SQL*Plus update script update_v4tov5.sql.


  • Added a nightly purge job for historic data (defaults to 93 “days to keep”) (if you already created one yourself and use the update_v4tov5.sql update script you’ll end up with two)
  • Changed the TERMINAL column from VARCHAR2(16) to VARCHAR2(32)
  • Added an SQL*Plus uninstall script
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4 Responses to Update for BASH (ASH for the rest of us)

  1. Umairalvi says:


    Any plan to generate reports for last few days.


    • You mean like a textual report on the BASH/ASH data? No, sorry not planed.

      • - says:


        I”m thinking if we can generate a parameterised PDF report for a certain time
        Period based on a bash view.

        Secondly can we have a BASH repository on
        A separate database to monitor multiple instances as under control environment we can’t generate any repository.

        Can I have your contact details if possible.


      • As for a central repository database: You might want to look into S-ASH (http://dboptimizer.com/ash-masters-2/s-ash/), which does exactly this. I see no sense in replicating the S-ASH approach and personally prefer the lightweight, local approach.

        The textual or pdf reports sound like a lot of work and I don’t plan to add them. Of course you are free to generate your own reports on the data collected by BASH/ASH/S-ASH.

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