New version of Mumbai in the works

This is just a quick note that, after almost two years, I am again working on Mumbai and there should be a new version out within the next one or two months.

While Mumbai served me well on a daily basis over the last months and year at my job, my job has and will change a bit, so I am back at it. You can expect support for ASM, RAC and Linux and since I am tackling the “Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert” certification, there will be quite a few performance related updates and additions. A 64-bit build will also be included.

If you have any pressing issues or feature requests for the upcoming version, please leave a comment (no promises…).

Update 2015/01/09: Passed. 🙂


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8 Responses to New version of Mumbai in the works

  1. jean-michel alzingre says:

    I just want to encourage you.
    I use Mumbai and find it truly useful.
    Thank you for this powerful tool, very easy to use.


    Jean-michel A., Nemours, France

  2. Noons says:

    Hear,hear! Good to see it being improved again!

  3. max says:

    wow a new version of Mumbai, i am looking forward to that…

    not sure how feasible it is, maybe include heatmaps of certain wait event like db file sequential read, log file sync, etc etc…

    • Marcus says:

      That’s an interesting idea! There is already a column diagram view available for the data in V$EVENT_HISTOGRAM (system stat since instance restart). Showing this as a heat map based on Statspack/AWR data (STATS$EVENT_HISTOGRAM/DBA_HIST_EVENT_HISTOGRAM) should be possible and would make much sense.
      I’ve wrote this down on my TODO list, but it might take some time.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Marcus. Saludos desde El SALVADOR. Me gustaría que la nueva versión tuviera mas reportes para análisis rendimientos similares a los de AWR Report.

    • Marcus says:

      And Google Translate gives: “Marcus. Greetings from El Salvador. I would like the new version had more reports for analysis similar to AWR Report returns.”

      Can you give me a better idea what kind of AWR/Statspack reports you would like to see?

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