Fund raising for Mumbai 3.0

Mumbai has always been free-to-use and I don’t want to change this ever. However, I’ve spent considerable amounts for development tools over the last years. To be able to implement some new features, I will need to invest a bit again, so I am asking now for donations to support the further development of Mumbai.

Number one on my shopping list is a source code version of the Direct Oracle Access components. They were kind enough to offer me a 25% discount, so I need around 240 Euros (around 280 USD) for this one! 🙂 Besides other things, this will let me add support for connecting to ASM instances with Mumbai.

If more money comes in, I will spent it for a Developer Express VCL subscription which is around US$600 (510 Euros) US$540 (460 Euros) (Update 2015-01-14: The cool guys from DevExpress offered a 10% discount. Thanks!).
This component suite is the basis for lots of GUI elements in Mumbai, including data grids and most of the diagrams and an update to their current version will benefit Mumbai in the long term.

With both libraries available in their current version, I also hope to implement “server mode“, which would make working with large query result sets (think V$SQL, etc.) much slicker.

If you would like to donate something for the further development of Mumbai, please use the PayPal links below. I would greatly appreciate your support! Thank you! 🙂

Donate in Euros Donate in USD
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6 Responses to Fund raising for Mumbai 3.0

  1. jean-michel A. says:

    2 things Marcus :
    1) for the fund raising. I do not want to use PayPal ( I had problems with it a few years ago ). Is it still possible to help you with another means of payment ?
    2) I tried to install Mumbai on Ubundu 1.4 through WINE
    I get an error message mentionning GDIPlus :
    exception lcass = EdxGdipException
    exception message = “Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code: 1)”
    005d8a1b call +$28 ($5d8a48) ; dxGDIPlusAPI.EdxGdipException.Create

    I thought it would work because I succeeded in installing MyOra.
    I even copied my GDI files from my windows 7 but it still does not work.
    Do you get an idea in case of ?


    — Jean-michel A.

    • Marcus says:

      Hi Jean-Michel,

      I am not into WINE and I never target Mumbai to work under WINE. The error seems to happen because my application makes use of GDI+ Windows libraries and they don’t seem to be properly initialized under WINE. You might search for hints how to make GDI+ available under WINE (winetricks?).

      Regarding other means of payment for the funding, you could also send Bitcoins to the address: 1JTUtxNP2at5nRwDPhLjpjCZkwi9NZQmEH


      • jean-michel A. says:

        Thanks for your suggestions concerning WINE.
        For the funding, I would prefer sending a check, some euros or sending money through a bank transfer. Is it possible ? If it is, I will give you an email for you to send me the details.

  2. jean-michel A. says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Eventually I sent something through PayPal.
    Thank you once again for your tool.

  3. Dundeswswararao Cheepilla says:

    Hi Marcus,
    I just sent little fund via paypal.
    Thank you for your valuable time and excellent tool. I just want to mention here is, if feasible, please include latest version of Tanel Poder’s snapper tool and features.


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