Mumbai version 3.0.1 available

Version 3.0.1 of Mumbai is available for download. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Breaking change: Any custom command that you set up on the toolbar will be gone.

  • Breaking change: If you use a master password to encrypt connection passwords, you will loose all your stored passwords with this release. To prevent this, run your current version first and remove the master password, before updating to this version.

  • There is now a 32 and 64 bit version available (which need either the 32 or 64 bit Oracle client)

  • Reorganized the button and ribbon layout

  • Added a lot of new views (memory, storage,…)

  • There is now a context sensitive help (F1) on V$*, DBA_* views and database parameters that links into the Oracle Referece manual. The necessary files for Oracle 10-12 will be downloaded the first time you access the help feature. Bug: See first comment below, to get this feature to work.

    integrated help

  • Changed the SQL statement for the “Missing bind variables” view. It now finds similar SQL based on FORCE_MATCHING SIGNATURE and PLAN_HASH_VALUE and aggregates the result set for easier analysis

  • Mumbai can now connect to ASM instances and you can connect with the SYSASM privilege sysasm_login

  • Generated user DDL now includes roles, grants, quota and profile information

  • You can now test the functionality of database links from the context menu of the database links view

  • Fixed flickering cursor when executing queries in the console window

  • Added ASM views including a tree-like file explorer asm_file_exporer

  • You can now create your own charts from any table data (right click on a table and select “General function>New custom chart…”): custom_chart_setup


  • Fixed refresh of AWR and SP data

  • RAC compatibility fixes for ASH viewer

  • The ASH viewer now correctly shows and updates data for the current minute

  • Added “Select/Deselect all visible” in the multiple connections selection dialog

  • Added “SP and AWR Physical Disk I/O” report

  • Added “Test connection” and “Test all connections” to connection dialog

  • When refreshing a view, you no longer loose your applied filters and sort order

  • Fixed: All connections now automatically get a name if no name is explicitly given (stopped ASH viewer from working)

  • Fixed an error when closing connections in console window and “Fetch DBMS_OUTPUT” was still active

  • Fixed: When executing a query on multiple connection and a query failed with ORA-… no connection back to the initially connected database happened

  • Fixed: When selecting “Fetch from multiple instances” in ASH setup at least one connection needs to be selected now.

  • Fixed: Access violation when dragging and dropping a page from the left to right side and vice versa
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5 Responses to Mumbai version 3.0.1 available

  1. Marcus says:

    The automatic download of the Oracle Reference Manual does not work. To workaround the problem, press F1 once and wait until you get an error message. Then manually delete the file “…\doc\E41527-15.epub”, download the current version of the 12.1 Reference manual from, place the file in the “doc” subdirectory and rename it to E41527-15.epub. Now press F1 again in Mumbai, wait until all files are extracted and press F1 once more.

  2. Hi Marcus,
    I am using Mumbai for several years now and I was waiting this new release. Congrats.
    I am not a DBA but a developer with a lot of experience in Oracle (using it from very early versions, 7.3 I think). I am confronted with lots of databases (the vast majority in Standard Edition as you) so your tool became a “must have” for me.
    I would love to have a portable version of Mumbai so I think that it would be nice to “integrate” an Oracle instant client in Mumbai. Do you think it would be possible to do it myself? What dlls does Mumbai need?
    Have you thought to update the version of Snapper (3.52) with a newer version of Tanel Poder’s (4.15 for example). I have just give it a try and it doesn’t work. From the error received I was unable to detect what is the problem and see if it can be solved.

    Thanks a lot again for your efforts.

    • Marcus says:

      Hi Adrian,

      if you put Mumbai and the instant client on an USB stick and add a start_mumbai.bat script that adds the path of the instant client to the PATH variable and then starts mumbai.exe, you should be all set.

      I’ll look into updated versions of the included tools for the next release of Mumbai.


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