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Oracle Certified Master exam passed

After about 4 months of preparation and by far the most stressing exam in my professional life, I am extremely happy about the email from Oracle University today saying: Congratulations! on the successful completion of the Oracle DBA 11g Certified … Continue reading

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Mumbai version 3.1.1 available

Yes, it is still alive. 🙂 Version 3.1.1 of Mumbai is available for download. Mumbai served me well over the last months, so there were no updates for quite some time. However, it’s time to do at least some compatibilty fixes, … Continue reading

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Mumbai version 3.0.1 available

Version 3.0.1 of Mumbai is available for download. Here’s the list of changes: Breaking change: Any custom command that you set up on the toolbar will be gone. Breaking change: If you use a master password to encrypt connection passwords, … Continue reading

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Mumbai 3.0 status update

Thanks a lot to everyone who donated for Mumbai version 3.0 until now! The total is at around 110 130 140 US$ right now, but of course you can still change this. 🙂 I’ve started adding features and I’m making … Continue reading

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Fund raising for Mumbai 3.0

Mumbai has always been free-to-use and I don’t want to change this ever. However, I’ve spent considerable amounts for development tools over the last years. To be able to implement some new features, I will need to invest a bit … Continue reading

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New version of Mumbai in the works

This is just a quick note that, after almost two years, I am again working on Mumbai and there should be a new version out within the next one or two months. While Mumbai served me well on a daily … Continue reading

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Bug fixes for BASH (ASH for the rest of us) in version 8

Version 8 of BASH is available and fixes some bugs resulting in no data being flushed to BASH$HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY. Again, thanks to Robert Ortel for reporting and tracking down the cause. If you already have BASH installed, you can use the … Continue reading

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